Laser engraving photographs
Photographs can be digital or print, they can be mailed and returned or emailed.  The bigger the
picture the better.  A small picture can be scanned at a higher DPI to make it bigger.  This also goes
for the engraved picture, a small picture will look good but bigger is better.  Most of the samples are
around 5 x 7.  Text can be added, in any font, names, dates, anything you want.  Clip art or patterns can
be added to the mat or frame.  There are too many fonts and patterns to list, so let us know what you
would like and we'll see what we can dig up.

We mostly use plain birch plywood, it is very strong and stable.  It also has a blond color and a brown
color when lasered.  It makes a very nice picture.  The plywood we use comes in three different
thicknesses, 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch, and .030 inch which is about the thickness of heavy poster board and
can easily be put into a regular picture frame.  The 1/4 inch can stand or  hang on it's own.  The 1/8
works great with a magnet on the back.  We can also use other woods or acrylic sheets.  The Monon
page has many samples on black acrylic.  Granite and marble can also be used.

Prices for wood or acrylic is .50 per square inch  text, mat or frame would be extra.  Magnet is extra,
granite and marble or other materials are extra.

3 x 5  $15.00 min
5 x 7  $17.50
8 x 10 $40.00
12 x 24 $144.00 largest we can do
any size can be done these are just samples.
Prices cut for large orders of the same picture.

Click on pictures to see them larger.

Contact us and let us know what we can do for you.
Wood / Acrylic
Laminated pictures
Wood pictures
Acrylic pictures
wood picture on acrylic
frame and stand
Engraved on marble
Cigar Boxes
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Metal ( knives )